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Be a Safety Star for A Child

Volunteer from Home Program

Starts from: 20th June 2018 – 20th July 2018

Send CV: nirmalinitiative@gmail.com
Sexual Violence against children is a humiliating reality for half of the child population in India. The mind-numbing statistics leaves most of us to feel helpless and angry, we want to do something about it, but what can we possibly do about it? how do we know which person is going to harm children around us? Can giving safety tips to children be enough to tackle violence,? Can we really put the responsibility of safety on just our children? How can we be sure that our children will come to us asking for help if anyone makes them uncomfortable? especially when most offenders are someone we and our children trust? So shall we start doubting everyone, of course not!
What we need to do is to develop safe community practices ♥ 
  • ‘In our ‘Be a Safety Star for a Child’,


     from home program, You will be working with up to 8 children and their parents in your vicinity.
  • They could be your family members or neighbors. But strictly children nearby.
  • This would require you to devote 3-5 hours in a week, any time of the day that suits the children, their parents and you.
  • Each week we will share with you fun activities and information through e-mail, whats app and video calls
  • You will then practice the activities with children with the consent of their parents.
You may think that why so much hassle when You can just show an animated video on Child Sexual Abuse that is available online? Well because children learn better through activities that are engaging and also this will strengthen the sense of bonding and belonging which is very important for a violence-free society.
So hurry up! And Sign up today to take a small but significant step in creating a world free from Sexual Violence. Send in your CV : nirmalinitiative@gmail.com
Don’t worry! We will not Judge you with your CV 🙂 Its only for records!  let us know about you! Some basic info! Cheers!