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‘A Tale of Contagious Love’ – Sudarshan Bisht

A snippet of 15 days community work on the prevention of Child Sexual abuse and Caste-based bullying.

We all are vibrational beings, we vibrate at frequencies to connect with our environment; interaction through vibes is powerful than spoken words. Our environment strongly influences our vibes, and we also have the power to influence it. How often we experience more relaxed and calm compared whenever we go close to nature, unlike the experience of walking in a busy metro city road.

Every thought and emotions we create and feel communicates something. You must have also experienced the power of vibes when you communicate with very young children or your pets, they may not understand your words but they do experience your energy.

But why am I writing about how powerful vibes are?

Because I want you to contemplate on it. When you realize it, you will also understand that how you have the power to change your own surrounding/society or the world. I want you to consider the fact that we all want to live in a peaceful, happy and safe environment, but we are failing to vibrate at frequencies that are required to create it, by not allowing ourselves time and space to think affirmative, hopeful thoughts on daily basis; most of us are just receivers of negative, regressive, oppressive thoughts floating around us. We hardly realize that we have the potential to be the transmitters of good constructive vibes.
Yes, we do have the choice of becoming a transmitter of positive vibes, and I am glad I was able to realize it quite recently, through an immensely insightful and life-changing internship experience in Vrindavan with Nirmal Initiative. Initially, when I applied for “Delta Meghwal Child Protection Programme 16-30 December 2018”, I was a bit nervous because I had little experience of working with young children, and that too on a sensitive issue of child sexual abuse (CSA). What further added to my sense of nervousness was that the site of the internship was a rural community in Uttar Pradesh, where casteism is quite prevalent. I was also nervous because I still had a few stereotypical images of activists in my head. (Read more about “Delta Meghwal Child Protection Programme 16-30 December 2018” here:
However, all my nervousness was gone in just 30 minutes after I met Shweta for the first time in her house (where lodging for all other interns was arranged). She was not at all stereotypical aggressive human rights activist but a person with a smile and an open heart. She approached us like we have known her since years and we were treated as part of her lovely family. In fact, she sent a love letter marking all interns, sadly, which I was able to read only after reaching Vrindavan. On our first interaction before internship started, she made it clear that the Nirmal Initiative and its programme put humane values and emotions at its core, nothing is product and nobody is a service provider or beneficiary for the organization. She shared her belief that Love is as contagious as fear and hate, and we all can share and create more loving environment if we are ready to nurture thoughts and emotions of love and peace within ourselves. At that moment, I got the vibe that I am at the right place, with the right kind of people to add some good experience and thoughts in my life and reciprocate it in the due course of 15 days.

Over the next 15 days we worked with children and rural community of Rajpur village, Vrindavan. Our mission was to initiate a conversation in the village around child mental and physical safely/well-being, specifically in regard to sexual abuse. We worked in Rajpur Govt. primary school with approximately 80 children (Class 1st to 5th) and also reached out to their parents. We rolled out the programme by visiting the village and started conversing with randomly selected village houses and tried to understand if the villagers are open to talk about child safety and mental well-being. Next day onward (17th December 2018), we started visiting Rajpur Govt. Primary School regularly for 2 weeks. The morning assembly was one of the most important slots of the day in school for us. We always practiced 2-3 songs in the morning assembly. These lovely songs on self-care and sharing for children really helped to break the ice and also served as a foundation for the interaction to be established in the coming part of the days. Each child loved singing these songs/rhymes in the morning as loud as they could with the team, and gradually most of the children not only remembered them but also performed them on stage in the closing ceremony. It was a delight to see that they could actually understand the importance of self-care, safe touch/unsafe touch, trusting their intuitions in regard to sexual violence instances.

We daily spent, 3-4 hours in school and did other activities like colour book filing, expression of emotions etc. We made sure that all these interactions with children through activities in school and even while meeting their parents at home should be done in great zeal, and in with positive intentions only. At our closing ceremony, we realized how successfully we were able to achieve it. There were parents, teachers, other community member and children who shared their experience with the programme. Thus, comes the concluding point for 15 days journey, what we shared, we were reciprocated with the same, we shared love and care, and thus, at the end of the programme we were able to get not only appreciation, praise, and positive feedback, but wonderful support and gestures of love from the community and children.

Sudarshan Bisht is Mass Communication graduate with seven years of experience in development communication and
project management, for non-profit organizations.

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